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  • Game mechanics aren't just used in video games. The Girl/Boy Scouts and the armed forces have always used badges and ranks to motivate. Businesses use gamification to train employees and encourage customer loyalty. Fitness trainers are using it with clients to set goals. And now K-grad classrooms are embracing gamification techniques in increasing numbers. In this class you will learn how to apply game mechanics to your own Google (or actual) classroom in any subject area.
  • Teaching With MoviesEnrich any subject area with the help of acclaimed blockbuster films! Win parent and administration support for an immersive learning experience that will support your curriculum while encouraging students of all ages to critically evaluate entertainment media.
  • How is it that some classrooms still rely on a single textbook for content when mobile learning devices have made access to the web easier and cheaper than ever? Learn how to protect yourself and your students from the misinformation any single source may contain and embrace the affordable tools that can transform any classroom into a learning environment fit for the 21st Century!
  • Mysteries of the U.S.How is our national identity shaped by propaganda? Unravel the mysterious misunderstandings that continue to influence American culture by scrutinizing resources related to the early development of the United States. Learn how to guide students to reconcile contradictory information in any subject area.
  • Global ConnectionsIn Global Connections: Geography and Culture you'll uncover the truth about some of the most diverse cultures in the world! Learn how to be a myth buster, a super detective, a champion of your own opinion--a Truth Sleuth! Decode primary and secondary sources to discover why people live so differently in the Middle East, China, Africa, Europe, and the United States.

This site includes essential content for Jeremy Royster's graduate and middle school courses.
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