Be a Truth Sleuth
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  1. Exercise 5 - Impress About Me Slideshow (File Link). PDF

  2. Project 01 - Student Biographies (Embedded Content).

    1.  My name:
         Jeremy S. Royster--although my students know me on occasion as my alter ego: 
         Indiana Royster
    2.  Where I am from and where I live now:
         I spent most of my youth in Middle Haddam, CT.
         I live in Norwalk, CT now.  
    3.  Interests and Hobbies:  
         Reading and Writing
    4.  A little bit about my family and/or pets:
         I have 4 children and 2 cats.
    5.  Where I am teaching:
         I am teaching 6th Grade Social Studies at Bedford Middle School in Westport, CT.
    6.  What grades and or subjects I wish to teach:
         I LOVE teaching 6th grade social studies!
    7.  Why I think being a teacher is necessary:
         The graduates of tomorrow must be able to evaluate the credibility of information
         thrust at them from a variety of sources.
  3. Project 02 - NEA-UFT Resume (File Link). PDF